Create stunning and exciting poses
for your unique artwork.

May 11, 2016

Version 1.16 is now Available

This version is a mainainance relese: Libraries got updated and minor UI details were complemented.

October 1, 2015

Improve your artwork

You want to get the proportions right! If you ever tried to draw a human body in an interesting pose or unusual perspective you often end up with one leg longer than the other, too short feet or a big head.

Virtual Mannequin is a simple to use tool to avoid these types of problems. Like a real lay figure you can bend or twist every body part. You can view the doll from any unusual perspective and import the resulting sketch as transparent layer in any drawing or vector program.

The usage is intuitive. You don't need to learn anything about 3D widgets or complex operations, just click and move the mannequin the way you would like it. You can undo and redo your changes and select from a set of template poses and animations.

For a quick and focused work on your art, all commonly used operations can be accessed by one keystroke instead of a two-key shortcut.


Assuming you would like to know the movement between two poses, your mannequin can be used to calculate the transition between them. It thereby learns from your input. If you move the hand up to reach a point, the doll will do the same with inverse-kinematic. If you instead bend the shoulder joint to move the arm straight up, the doll will again follow your input with forward-kinematic. You can combine different movements to create a new pose.

If you are happy with the result you can then bake your input into key-frames and continue with another pose.

You can also copy the posture of a limb from one side of the Doll to the other side. The entanglement of the body parts will be considered during the calculation.

The dynamic of a transition can be specified by an influence curve. It is possible to create accelerating, decelerating or cycling movements.

To simulate a sleeping or unconscious person you can use ragdoll-physics. Activated from the current pose you mannequin goes slack.